Our Story

Tekoa Skincare started out as a hobby 5 years ago after I returned to the UK from spending 3.5 years in Nigeria. I was introduced to Shea butter in its natural raw form and found myself falling in love with it.

As the years went by, I began using only Shea Butter on my skin, from head for my afro hair to toe. Seeing the wonders it did and still does for my skin, I got frustrated seeing people living their day to day fed up with their skin and not knowing what to do, but yet being addicted or holding on to chemical ladened products that are just not good skin food.

All this led to researching how my ancestors used Shea Butter and what their skincare routine looked like, thus forming the direction for Tekoa Skincare. We try as much as we can to stay true to those original methods, eliminating the need for preservatives, water and fillers. 

Tekoa Skincare exists not only to make skin happy products, but also to work alongside YOU to customise products suited just for YOU. We believe your morning and night time skincare routine should bring joy to your life. It is our pleasure and delight to create products that will have your skin singing.